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Service Warranty

Ozone treatment service rules and warranty.

Agreement between parties:
Costumer and ozone treatment service provider

• service provider is not responsible any damages (heath and property) caused by ozone treatment
• service provider ensures that he has proper knowledge and expertise about ozone cleaning
• costumer ensures that for ozone treatment time no-one has access to his/her property

Costumer responsibilities prior ozone treatment (otherwise 100% money back guarantee does not apply) :
• property must be cleaned to reasonable order,
• carpets or hard floors must be professionally cleaned,
• all odor causing items (cigarettes, curry, trash etc) must be removed
• all visible residue must be cleaned with bleach or hydrogen peroxide ( like curry oil residue on the stove, kitchen walls and cabinets)
• all HVAC filters must be replaced
• absolutely no painting done before ozone treatment, all painting (oil based paint) must be done after treatment
• if odor is strong all windows and duct must be cleaned before ozone treatment
• all light bulbs must be replaced
• absolutely no pets, animals, living organism, plants can be left in to property for ozone treatment time.
Service provider responsibilities:
• All ozone treatment equipment must be tested and in working order
• Operating technician must be fully qualified
• must makes sure that it is safe to use ozone in costumer’s property
• by request – service provider must present service estimate by paper or by e-mail before ozone treatment, and invoice when treatment is done

Service will take 24-48 hours to complete, that will be decided by service provider.
HVAc must be on all treatment time, Fan ON position, and average temperature between 68-72F
Payment for ozone treatment must be instant when job is completed, Check or cash is preferred for credit card payment we use Paypal and there is 2.9% service fee what must be paid by costumer.
Costumer has right to make complains up to 7 days after treatment, in case of complain costumer must give service provider access to property to make investigation. Service provider has right to ask third party (qualified) opinion.
In Case of complain Costumer can’t hold or cancel payment before investigation is completed.
There is absolutely no warranty for mildew, mold, musky smell or any severe / extreme level of odors.

Ozone re-treatment discount up to 50% off from initial price.

Warranty is not transferable, null and void if property is sold.

All services rendered here-under shall be provided in accordance with all ordinances, resolutions, statutes, rules, and regulations of ATN and any Federal, State or local governmental agency having jurisdiction in effect at the time service is rendered.

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