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Your opinion matters to us and to other customers, so we’d be really appreciative if you take a few moments to review your experience.
Do you read online reviews? We do, and so do other customers.
That’s why we’d love it if you take a few moments to review your experience with us.

I had spent 25 hours and $400.00 trying to get rid of cigarette order from a condo by myself that I was trying to sell as part of an estate. The smell had already cost me at least one sure sale. Contacted CE Odor Removal, they scheduled a two day ozone"shock treatment for the coming weekend, problem solved!!!!!!! All at a cost less than my unsuccessful DYI efforts.

The technician, Alex, adjusted his arrival, equipment setup, and teardown all to my schedule - including coming up late one evening after I got off work. If you are having problems with cigarette odor in a house - I recommend you give this company a call.

Brad R.    Yelp reviews   

I actually had not expected that it would work 100%, but is does! My House is now completely free of any horrible smells. I recommend it!

Primrose P    Baltimore   

My bedroom had a musky smell from previous owners, for the last year. After trying so many solutions in my room, finally I called these guys and they made the odor go away on the first try!

MrKyberkuu    Google+ reviews   

This company removed cigarette smell from my rental unit. Awesome im happy now.

Ted    Yelp reviews   

CE Ozone Odor Removal Service is certainly much more effective in making the air clear and ensuring a fresh environment, than the normal perfumed products. It has certainly improved the ambiance of the rooms. Love it and recommend it !

Margus L.    Google+ reviews   

Thanks for your prompt and efficient service and I would like to comment on your Ozone Odor Removal. I seriously doubted it would be able to cope with the scale of the problem at the house in which I used it. Frankly, I thought that replacing the floorboards was the only viable option. I was blown away by the efficiency of the service and the speed with which the odour was removed - and without any sickly-sweet smelling replacement.

Mark Shmith    Potomac MD   

Could not find better quality and price. Thank You

Laurens I.    Facebook reviews   

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