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Pet Odor Removal- Odor Elimination

Pet Odor Removal- Odor Elimination

We all love our pets. Even when they sometimes smell bad.However, sometimes living with their odors can be quite annoying. For cat, dog, and other pet odors are some of the strongest odors anywhere. They are also some of the most difficult odors to remove.Odor Killer O3 treatment is very effective in eliminating animal odors because it attacks these odors at their source. O3 is a very active molecule and will follow the same path that the animal odors took when they entered these materials.

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Identifying the Odor

Is the aroma of your pets “normal” or accepted by yourself, and the way you live, but bothersome to others? If you are dealing with one or many odors from your loving pets or from a previous home owners pet, ozone is the way to go. Ozone can destroy those odors and create a comfortable living environment that is suitable for all visitors.

Does the odor make you tear up? If yes – more than likely its urine
Is the odor a strong stale odor? If yes – more than likely its on the lines of feces or vomit
Does the odor smell like death? More than likely your pet brought in something dead.
Old dander odors from pets.

Odor Elimination

Urine: Many steps need to be taken in this case.

If the floor underneath is an old, covered up wood floor (yet shows future potential of salvage) the floor should be sanded and coated with polyurethane, applied as a thick layer coating.

O3 Monitors/Sensors/detectors When using a High level Output of Ozone, an Ozone monitor/sensor is highly recommended in controlling safe re-entry of the affected area.

Locate where the odor is the strongest.
Pull the carpet back carefully and check if the backing, pad, and underlay flooring is stained.
Cut out and patch in a new underlayment of the same thickness.
Remove the damaged carpet pad area by cutting away the stained pad a couple inches wider than the actual stain.
Replace the pad with the same thickness and density as possible, preventing a raised area of the carpet, which could be a future safety hazard.
Stained and odor areas, need to be cleaned, deodorized and sanitized with special attention prior to the process of deep down cleaning the entire carpeting.
The odor has penetrated into the paint, wall paper, wood, all porous parts of the dwelling or removable contents and should be shocked with a high level of Ozone


Animal / Pet odors are some of the hardest odors to remove, but still not impossible with ozone. Some animal odors, like urine in carpet, cannot always eliminate by ozone itself, although most of the smell will be gone after a single ozone treatment. To eliminate urine smells entirely, a procedure called “tenting” is sometimes required. First a spot treatment is done, saturating the urinated area using a liquid deodorizer called C20. The C20 must fully dry in order for the ozone to properly break down the molecules of the urine. A full day should be allowed for this drying time. After the deodorized area dries and has been properly cleaned, a plastic tarp is placed over the treatment area to concentrate the ozone at the source. Following ozone shock treatment, the area will be completely free of odor.
For treatments that require the application of C20 liquid deodorizer, affected areas will intensify in smell until the deodorizer has dried and ozonation is completed

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