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How Ozone Cleaning Works?

How Ozone Cleaning Works

Ozone (O3, a gas composed of three oxygen atoms) is naturally generated when atmospheric Oxygen (O2) rises to the stratosphere, and is exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, forming a layer of protection commonly known as the ‘Ozone Layer’. Our advanced Ozone generating equipment mimics this natural process, converting the Oxygen (O2) present in atmospheric air into Ozone (O3).

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Ozone is a highly effective natural steriliser that can inactivate practically any organic contaminant on contact. As it is a highly reactive gas, Ozone continually reverts back to its most stable form by releasing one of its atoms to turn back into Oxygen (from O3 to O2). As the additional Oxygen atom breaks free, it will oxidize any organic matter it touches, killing organic contaminants at a cellular level. Essentially, Ozone disrupts the cellular structure by rupturing the cell wall – a process referred to as ‘cell lysing’.

By intelligently controlling atmospheric Ozone concentration, we are able to safely decontaminate any given area, as the additional Oxygen atom in Ozone oxidizes and inactivates a broad spectrum of pathogens.

Our sanitation process is highly effective for treating the air and surfaces in any area through the eradication of:

Mold – Fungus

Once the equipment is set up the operator leaves the area and starts the sanitation process remotely. The Ozone diffuses into the area and engulfs all exposed surfaces and penetrates hidden areas and fabric items.

The Ozone rich atmosphere is sustained for a short period of time, typically one hour, during which time all bacteria and other unwanted elements are destroyed.

When the sanitation process is complete, Ozone rapidly reverts back into Oxygen. This is further accelerated by an Ozone deactivation program, so the process can be completed very quickly.
Evidence of Efficacy

Advantages of using Ozone

Imagine the possibilities created by safely harnessing the sanitizing power of ozone in gaseous form. As a gas, ozone is at its most effective. Ozone gas can fill areas very quickly, will penetrate into places that are traditionally difficult to reach (including fabrics and upholstery) and will inactivate contaminants on contact.

Consider the labor force, time and range of chemicals required to disinfect the entirety of a large room and its contents.

By using ozone instead, all of the walls, the doors and door-frames, the windows, the floor, the ceiling, the contents, soft furnishings and even the air can be treated automatically, with no additional chemicals and in a very short timescale.

With traditional sanitizing methods there is a risk of re-contamination as contaminates can potentially be spread around the area on cleaning cloths and implements. This risk is completely negated by using Ozone sanitation. As Ozone is a gas composed entirely of Oxygen, it leaves no chemical residue whatsoever.

At the end of the sanitation process, the only by-product remaining is fresh clean air. When compared to traditional chemical sanitizing agents, Ozone would therefore seem the natural choice for any organization looking to reduce the environmental footprint, time and labor requirement of their current sanitation processes.

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